World los​e​s hero Stan Lee

Inland Lakes 1999 Alumni and film buff, Lee Alexander, poses for a picture with Stan Lee at the 2013 Motor City Comic Con.

Stan Lee passed away on Nov. 12. Lee died from pneumonia. Many celebrities are paying their respects around the world on social media. Lee helped shape the Marvel universe in today’s world.

Stan Lee started working in 1941 on the third comic of Captain America. He then went on to write more comic books. After a while, people started to dislike the idea of superhero characters, so the popularity of comic books started to decline. Stan Lee decided to take this into his own hands, creating superheroes such as the Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four, X-men, and the most popular, Spider-Man. This created the base of the heroes we see today. Not only did he create these characters, but he also came up with the idea that is now called the Marvel method.

The Marvel method was a way of producing comic books. Before this method was created most comic books were created the same way. The writer creates the dialogue and then the artist brings the ideas to life, almost like a screenplay. In the Marvel method, the writer converses with the artist, telling the artist what he wants the plot to be, then the artist draws the comic book. After the comic book is drawn, then the writer fills in with dialogue, based on how it is drawn.

The Marvel method helps create a better overall fit, allowing the dialogue and drawings to fit together better. In Stan Lee’s Mutants, Monsters & Marvels, “It started as an emergency measure,” Lee said. It was only created because stan lee couldn’t keep up writing for multiple artists. This made business skyrocket for marvel.

After marvel made many popular comics, Stan Lee decided it was time to collaborate and produce films. This created marvel tv shows, then eventually live action. Today, stan lee is most known for his cameos in the Marvel movies. This started when Lee wanted to be a part of Spider-Man, then it grew to show in more Marvel movies. Stan Lee influenced the very world around us and will be remembered forever.

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