Softball Splits On Senior Night

Inland Lakes took a rough loss to the Cheboygan on May 17 but ended the night splitting with the Chiefs. The game started at 4:15 on a hot, cloudy Wednesday afternoon. They did not lose the first game but they did lose the second game. It was a very emotional game because it was the seniors last home game. They were hoping for two wins but could not pull through the last inning. The bulldogs played six innings both games with scores of 9-1 and 4-6.  

However, this was a non-conference game so it thankfully did not affect their record. The team has been in a little hitting slump, usually the second game of the night. At the end of the first game, Kelly DePauw said some touching words regarding our team and definitely touched the hearts of the seniors reminding the spectators and players alike that this was the final time the seniors would be playing on their home field.

“I’ve kinda been preparing myself for my last home games, so it wasn’t as bad for me as it was for others. I guess it’s a sad ending to better beginnings. I knew I wouldn’t be here forever, and I’ve just accepted it and I’m ready to go on to bigger things outside of sports and school,” senior Pamela Brand said.

The dogs next play in Forest Area Monday, May 22 at 4:00 pm. That will be their last regular season game. They still have a lot they need to work on before districts but when it’s time, they will pull through.

Please come out and support the varsity softball team.

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