Softball 4-Peats as District champs

Senior Cloe Mallory fouls off a pitch during the District Final game in Pellston on June 3. Photo by Elli Morley

The Bulldogs played their first round of districts in Pellston, Saturday, June 3. The first game they played was at 12:00 p.m., against the Alanson Vikings. They were not losing this battle, so they didn’t let the Vikings score. Lindsay Vandaele started pitching the first game and if they hit, the Bulldogs’ defense had backed her up and got the outs. The girls were all on fire hitting and running the bases. Cloe Mallory also hit another out of the park homer to add to the win. The final score for that game was 13-0. They mercied them in the fifth inning.

However, the heat was starting to hit the players during the second game against Pellston. It was 75 degrees with the hot sun glaring down on the fields. Pellston came to the fields ready to win. They stepped on the field strong and scored two runs the first inning. The Hornets held the Bulldogs in the first inning, but when the second inning came around, the Bulldogs got a few girls on base and Makayla Henckel hit a double to score two runs and bring the score 2-2. After that inning the girls rallied and kept adding to the score. Both Gracey Henckel and Lindsay VanDaele pitched that game and shut the other team out.  Pamela Braund, Cloe Mallory and Gracey Henckel all had out of the park homers in the second game. Sydney DePauw added her out of the park home run to end the game and win the district title for the Bulldogs. The score ended up being 17-2. This was the 4th year in a row the Bulldogs have been district champs.

The Lady Bulldogs travel to Rudyard on Saturday, June 10. The first game is at 11:00 a.m. Head on up to the U.P. and support both of your Bulldog teams as they take on their opponents in regionals.

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