Movie review: Flatliners

The movie Flatliners was originally directed by Joel Schumacher in 1990 and for that time it was an original idea. Looking at the reviews on IMDb shows that many gave the movie a 7/10 stars and called it an “original horror idea.”

Jump forward to 2017 and the remake of the movie. Critics are calling it a “pointless remake of a pointless movie.”

The movie is about five medical students “researching” the afterlife when all they are doing is using it as an excuse to get ahead for some reason or another.

The movie starts out like any other drama, someone dies and someone lives with the guilt, but then the movie flips over to horror which just seems weird. The movie is very fast paced, and if you look away for even a second, you’ll miss some big revelation that is crucial to the storyline.

Critics are rating this movie at about a 3/10 stars for its lack of originality and basically copying the original exactly.

People are saying things like “Flatliners fell flat” and “Flatliners will bore you to death.” Many people are warning others away from this movie that seems to have fallen short when it comes to the progression of the movie.

Overall it seems to be a fail for a movie.

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