Movie Review: Baby Driver

Baby Driver was released on digital media on Sept. 12. Courtesy Photo

[editors note: Baby Driver was released in theatres in June, but came out on digital video in September.]

Director: Edgar Wright
Writer:  Edgar Wright
Stars: Jon Hamm, Ansel Elgort, Jon Bernthal, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey

Baby Driver is an action movie about Baby a getaway driver for crime boss Doc. Baby can make any wild move with the right track going. Baby is indebted to Doc, so he is his Driver for planned robberies. Doc finds Baby to be invaluable as he is an extraordinary driver. Baby can always make it away from a job and make it home safely. Baby lives with his elderly paralyzed deaf foster dad Joseph. Baby only had to do one more job for Doc to pay his debt to Doc. He and his new girlfriend Debora make it out until Doc coerces Baby back. On the job is a crew too unstable to keep Doc’s plan. Baby finds himself and everyone he cares about in danger and surviving will take all his wits skill and never take his foot off the gas pedal, but even on the best track things can be difficult for him. All he needs is one killer track to survive or will he face the music?

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