Lili’s Life: American or French music

Nekfeu is the biggest rapper in France.

A lot of people have asked me if I listened to American music or French music.

I listen to both, actually, but the only French artist known here is Stromae. He was indeed a very big artist, but it has been since 2015 that he released anything, so I thought that refreshing your french musical library a bit would be a good idea

(And, yes I know that you don’t understand the lyrics. No need to remind me ).

This my introduction for you to the universe of the French rap :


He’s a very big artist in France (we’re talking about 20 million views in a month for his last music video), and he just released an album on Sept. 20.

He talks about deep subjects, such as how children see sad and important things ( the song “Tout Va Bien” meaning “Everything’s fine” ), or even how he lives being famous; “Quand est-ce que ça s’arrête” ( “When Does It Stop”).

But he also writes funny texts, in the song “ Défaite de Famille”. He plays on the words with this title, it means “Defeat of the family” and “Family’s meetings”, in this song, he rants about his family, dissing them in a way that we can relate.


The biggest rapper in France. His latest album named “Cyborg”, is composed of 14 songs, talking about many subjects, like the influence of social network on people with the song “Realite augmentee” (Augmented reality) or even how our society judge everybody “Le regard des gens” (People’s stares). Even though I don’t like every song of his, I still put him in this list, because he is one of the biggest rappers, and he introduced a lot of people to the french rap industry, and he has a good flow.

My favorites songs are “Saturne”, “Realite augmentee”, “Programme”, “Galate”, “O.D”, “Vinyle”.


On the contrary of the two others, he is not famous at all. I discovered him on the Colors youtube channel ( If you want to discover new artists, this is a very good place ), his song “Le Hasard ou la chance” (Chance or Luck). To be quite honest, his lyrics don’t mean anything and I had to read the lyrics to actually understand what he was saying, so now i know what he says, but you’re not the only one who doesn’t understand.


So this is a duo, who made two albums, called “Morale” and “Morale 2”, composed of Romeo Elvis and Le Motel. Their songs are either very funny or very chill. They like to use differents voices when they rap to give some realistic vibes. The subject are approached in a very

Intelligent way. They don’t necessarily swear but still talk about very important subjects, such as drugs “Bebe aime la drogue” (Baby loves drugs), Romeo Elvis talks about his country, Belgium in the song “Nappeux”.


This is another duo, composed by Orelsan (the first of the list) and Gringe, one of his fellow rapper friend. Kind of like Romeo Elvis & Le Motel, Casseur Flowters approach a lot of differents subjects, mostly real-life experience, some sad, some not. I don’t have much to say about them, because their style is quite similar to Romeo Elvis & Le Motel, but I would recommend the song “A l’heure ou je me couche” (The time I go to bed).

Hope you’ll enjoy these songs and discover more of foreign music.

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