Halloween movie review

The new Halloween movie came out on Friday, Oct. 19. This Halloween movie is different from the others. This is due to the characters all being grown and the killer, (Michael Myers), is in an insane asylum rather than being on the loose.

In the beginning of the movie, the first scene is shown having two reporters investigating Michael Myers past cases and they are interested in speaking to him. The reporters then take a drive to the asylum that Michael is in so they can speak with him. Michael stays incredibly still with his mouth sealed shut, while the reporters try to get a reaction out of him by grabbing Michaels iconic mask from their bag. The reporters did not get a reaction out of Michael so they decided to leave.

Later on in the movie, the reporters go to Laurie Strode’s house. This is a past victim of Michael’s wrath. After giving the reporters nothing, Laurie tells the reporters to leave. That night, Michael was being transferred to a permanent spot at another asylum. While traveling on the bus, Michael outsmarts the guards and escapes by crashing the bus into a ditch. Michael then sets out on a rampage to finish what he started from his past.

Throughout the town, Michael went into homes and killed multiple people with no explanation as to why. Laurie knew Michael escaped the bus and was getting ready for him to come for her. Throughout the movie, Michael killed many people and eventually made it to Laurie’s house. Laurie prepared a long time ago for this day by equipping her house with weapons, security precautions, and traps. The daughter of Laurie, (Karen Strode), prepared her whole life for this moment. As Michael came into the house, that’s when it went downhill. Overall, the movie was well directed and had you at the edge of your seat, least expecting the next turn of event.

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