Drama in a new light

Drama gets new light board from extra bond money.

Nathan Jacques’ drama program recently gained a new lighting system for the drama stage. The drama program hasn’t had anything as nice as this light system in a very long time. Getting a new light system has greatly improved the ILHS drama program, by gaining better light quality to improve the plays that take place on the stage.

“I am honestly so excited, we have a whole set of new crawling lights, and each section of the stage can be made into a different color using the light board,” freshman Emma Duncan said.

Having a light board makes it so you are able to control the lights from the other side of the stage.

“We had left over bond money to get a new lighting system. There were electric things that needed to be updated along with the lights, because of major electrical issues.

“I feel like a little boy who has been wanting this my whole life and it’s Christmas morning. We went from coffee can lights to lights you can change to just about anything,” director Mr. Jacques said.

Everyone involved in the process of getting the new lights have been very excited and eager to use them. They also gained a projector and screen for pictures and videos that can be used during class or plays. Getting these new improvements have helped the drama program enhance the stage, and the program as a whole.

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