Cheer Paints At Team Bonding Party

Mya Demello and Desire Leader painted at the cheer team's Paint and Sip party on Monday evening. Photo by Ashley Gleason

As a team bonding exercise, varsity cheer coach Erin Basgall put together an activity for the cheerleaders to have some time to bound outside of practice and games. They had one paint party during football season, and they had so much fun they decided to have another on Monday, Feb. 20.

“It expresses their creative side in a different way. We focus on athletics, conditioning, strength building, and muscle building,” Coach Basgall said. “This is like a different way of building with our minds and communicating with each other – the closer we are, the better it is.”

The cheerleaders love the idea of the team bonding activities because of how close it brings them together.

“Team bonding helps the team become closer, and you talk about things that someone can help you with,” sophomore Faith Walters said. “We become closer as a team and more as a family.”

This was a great experience, and every team should consider having bonding activities to help strengthen the team’s relationship.

“I think it’s more time outside of school and it’s not just like, about cheer. We talk about other topics,” sophomore Grace Feagan said.

Some people do not feel like they belong in a team and even when they make it on the team, they feel like an outsider. Team bonding exercises make them feel more welcome on the team.

“I would say I’m close with the team,” sophomore Melissa Schoolcraft said. “I’m more of a refined person, so I’m not as close as I should be.”

Being close with your team is important, and these cheerleaders are reaping the benefits of having a second family in their teammates.

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