Bulldogs Mercy Rams

Lindsay VanDaele rounds first after hitting the ball into the outfield. Photo by Kelly Boughner

Wednesday April 5, the varsity softball team took on the Rams in Harbor springs. They played two games for the evening and came home with both wins.

The first game ended with a score of 24-0. The Bulldogs did not let up at all on defense and pushed to put as many runs on the board as they could.

Knowing that this was the seniors’ last opening game made it extra special. Senior Vanessa Wandrie had one of the two out of the park home runs for the team during the first game, which brought in herself and fellow senior Cloe Mallory.

“I tried not to think much about it being my last, first game, because I didn’t want to get emotional, so I just played as if it was another game,” Wandrie said.

The other home run for the night was hit by Mallory, who also threw a no-hitter for the first game.

“I was pumped for our first game, but it makes me even more excited to know I get to keep playing in the collegiate level after high school is done,” Mallory said.

The second game of the night finished with a higher score of 28-0. Again, the Bulldogs did not allow any runs. The total score of runs the Bulldogs earned Wednesday night was 52.  

“I think we mesh really well,” senior Pamela Braund said. “There is really no drama at practice or during games. I feel really good about this year, especially because we have an advantage on other teams due to the fact that we did not graduate anyone last year.” 

The Bulldogs’ next game is Monday April 10 at home against Ellsworth at 4:00 PM.  

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