Xanto creates chaos, delays spring

Students and staff spent the weekend sheltering at home after winter storm Xanto left huge amounts of snow in the area. Some students and staff reported 20+ inches of snow in some places.

“My family and I never left the house during the storm,” sophomore Hope Swenor said. “Everyone stayed home and off of the roads just to be safe.”

As students and staff returned to school on Wednesday, the snow gauge in the courtyard between the english and science wings showed the sheltered space received 7 inches of snow over the weekend. Snow days were declared in the early evening for Monday and Tuesday. As Superintendent Brad Jacobs stated in an email to staff last week, these 2 days must either be made up or forgiven by the state department of education.

“I wasn’t really expecting to get two snow days in a row,” sophomore Morgan King said. “But I can definitely see why we did, especially on Monday.”

Spring sports will be delayed at last another week, marking three weeks of canceled competitions.

“It really sucks that we haven’t had a baseball game yet,” JV baseball player Joe Campeau said. “We don’t have many scheduled as it is, so it kinda sucks. I just really want to get out on the field.”

Many students and staff found themselves staying home during the snow days causing them to find things to do around the house.

“We recently got a little puppy, so the snow days were mainly spent playing with her,” Swenor said.

Others had to go out onto the roads and face the harsh weather conditions.

“I had an orthodontist appointment that I couldn’t miss,’ Kings said. “So on Tuesday, my mom and I went out onto the roads. The main roads weren’t as bad, but the road I live on was extremely icy.”

The weather forecast for next week predicts every day in the 50s, returning spring to its normal temperatures.

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