Wisdom teeth: a student struggles

On Feb. 8, I had my wisdom teeth removed. It was a painful process, I had to undergo surgery and be put asleep so that I wouldn’t feel anything. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed, so I wouldn’t have to go through it all again. I had eight stitches, with two on each incision they made.

After waking up from the surgery, I had some pretty funny things to say such as, “My legs are broken!” I was also not able to drive for 48 hours and ended up with a lot of swelling afterwards. I was only allowed to eat soft food for about a week, which I did not like. I made an attempt to eat a steak, but some of my stitches fell out early because of it.

Having my braces removed on Feb. 8, meaning that the next day, Feb. 9, was the snow coming dance. I was not about to let my swollen face ruin it either. Instead of staying home I wanted to have fun with my friends and have a good night.

I had a rough couple of weeks but it ended up being a great experience. With my mouth healing how it was supposed to, and on time, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I would not want to go through this process again because it drained so much from me, and the swelling was so bad. I didn’t expect it to bruise as bad as it did either. Thankfully, I never have to go through it again.

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