ILVCC takes the mat

Varsity cheer prepares to take the mat for their first competition of the season at East Jordan on Jan. 9. Photo by Caleb Walters

On Wednesday, Jan. 09. the varsity competitive cheerleading team traveled to East Jordan for their first competition of the season. The cheer team had few complications going into the competition but were able to pull together and put on a great performance. The team took place in all three rounds. The rounds include various skills such as a cheering round, tumbling and skills round, then a stunt round

Going into the first round, the team was the 4th team in the lineup. Doing some last minute practice before taking the mat, the team soon found that they were ready for the challenge. “I think that we could have gotten a higher score. We really just need to work on hitting our moves harder and sharper. With that I think we would have definetyl gotten a better score,” junoir Makayla Temple said. Cheering onto the mat, the team stood in ready position waiting to do what they do best. As round one came to an end, the team ended with a score of 175.20. 

Going into round two, the team was slightly worried due to having to make some changes prior to the competition. Going 4th in round two made the team feel slightly better due to having some review time. Within that time, the team found that they were confident and were ready to take the mat. Getting in the lineup and waiting to be announced, other teams gathered around to make a tunnel for the girls to run through. “This definitely brought up my confidence for sure,” junior Hannah Krussell said. As the team was announced onto the mat, they took their places and kept smiling strong. Once round two was completed, the team felt strongly about what they had just completed. The score for the second round was 121.12.

Preparing themselves for round three, the team felt like they were struggling and were growing nervous. Once again performing 4th, the team took time before they performed, to work hard together on their weak spots and polish up some finalizing touches. “I was very exited to go out there becasue we had a new person in round three who I knew would be able to pull it off very well. I was also really exited to see what we could do as a team,” Temple said. Taking the mat, the team tried their hardest and did as much as they could do. Finishing strong, the team pushed through the last round and put out a phenomenal performance. The score for the second round was 213.30.

As the competition came to a close and scores were announced, the team found out that they had taken third place in their division. The team’s final score was 509.62. Although the score could be better, this was a better score than other teams have obtained on their first competition. Finishing strong and gaining experience, the team is ready to take on the challenge of their next competition in Marion Michigan on Wednesday, Jan. 16. 

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